Cynergy3 manufactures HV & RF relays, Liquid Level & Flow sensors

Cynergy3 is the leader in manufacturing of Liquid Level and Flow Sensors, High Voltage and Radio Frequency Relays.


Cynergy3 has developed an extensive range of Liquid Level sensors over the past 35 years by focusing on solutions for customer applications.


Cynergy3 has been at the forefront of RF relay technology for 25 years, during which time it has developed relays for many specific communications applications, by working with world leading manufacturers of radio communications equipment.


Our seasoned group of engineers is available to assist you in creating a product solution that is perfectly suited to your specific application.


Cynergy3 Components Ltd, an ISO9001:2000 registered production facility based in Dorset, England, has been manufacturing reed switch based products for over 40 years. It is a centre of excellence for its’ main product groups, Reed Switches, Reed Relays and Liquid Level and Liquid Flow Sensors. Specific products have UL and WRAS approvals.


This site is equipped with a state of the art clean room. Many of the reed switches manufactured here are used in Cynergy3’s range of standard and custom reed relays, proximity switches, liquid level and flow sensors. This ensures that Cynergy3 controls the delivery, quality and reliability of one of its key components.


Virtually everything is accomplished in-house to assure complete control over production, delivery and above all else quality. Design, development and manufacturing are under one roof to ensure that Cynergy3 Components is able to provide its customers with fast and accurate responses Worldwide.


TAV Engineering Components Ltd, based in Dorset, England, is a specialist fluid sensor manufacturer for Petrochemical, Marine and other severe or hazardous applications. TAV, offering full ATEX certification, to the highest industry specification, EExd 11C T110oC, on its range of float switches, displacers, contents gauges and valves. The company, has almost 40 years experience in fluid handling and level control, designs and manufactures high quality purpose built float switches and level control equipment, used in the petrochemical, oil, hydraulics, railway, coal, marine, power, chemical, waste water, food, & general engineering industries. Our products are quality designed and built to meet the challenges of liquid level control, where reliability is paramount.


Our objective is to achieve profitable growth every year through the worldwide sales of our products.


Quality, innovation and customer service are key to Cynergy3s success, combined with continual research, development and expansion of its products.


The company’s strategy is to provide a high quality product, backed by innovative engineering know-how and quality driven manufacturing process. Our aim is to form close partnerships with our customers, working with them at all levels, from early feasibility studies through to delivering production facilities. The key elements of this strategy position the company so that it is able to compete in a world by solving customer problems and providing the best possible solution.


Cynergy3 has established an extensive network of sales companies, agents and distributors throughout the world ensuring that the needs of our customers are with efficiency and skill at all levels. A great advantage of dealing with a distributor/agent is you can communicate in a familiar language, and let someone else deal with the complications of time differences and paperwork.