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State of the art trackball: ITAC Systems evolution MOUSE-TRAK (eMT)



The productivity controller for power users and executives alike. By providing comfortable,
ergonomic multi-function use with space optimized design, eMT is considered to be the most
versatile and functional pointing and control device on the market today. Learn more about
our Trackballs? Visit the trackballs page.

Space saving

Whether used on a desk top or a confined function work area (e.g., pod stand), the eMT stands out as a space
saving high performance tool for the busiest computer control environments. At only half the
size of a typical mouse pad’s footprint, the eMT’s rounded design provides a hand rest with
6 pre-configured keys to perform the most common mouse functions, along with additional
productivity enhancing features.


All 6 keys can be easily reconfi gured to accommodate user’s needs. eMT is especially attractive
for space challenged environments or where maximum functionality, customizable configurations,
speed, and ergonomics are important considerations.

Product Features

  • High Speed, High Precision with both Scrolling and Non-Scrolling versions
  • Real Time Dynamic Resolution in scroll mode for incredible speed and precision.
  • Elevated hand support helps reduce the risk of Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSI)
  • Six large keys positioned ergonomically to fall under the fingers.
  • All 6 keys are user configurable for standard mouse button operations without the need for drivers or software.
  • Left/Right Click, Double-Click, Click and Drag, Speed, Audio and Scroll Toggles without complicated driver installations.
  • Ambidextrous and can be configured for left or right handed users.
  • Reliable stainless steel mechanism.

Market Applications

  • Desktop
  • CAD and Workstation
  • Medical
  • Geospatial
  • Aeronautics
  • Communications & Call Centers

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