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6 maart 2018
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21 januari 2019
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Sloan Flexiprint

Sloan LED stripe with protection class IP68

This LED stripe’s defining features are efficiency with energy as well as longevity, which allows individual lighting design.
Sometimes applications can be quite difficult and awkward to access after their installation. Owing to the above mentioned features in addition to their operating power of 4.8W/m and a long operating life these flexible LED stripes are just ideal.
These stripes can now be used for all applications where the IP67 version was stretched to their limits.
It gives you a vast number of possibilities. For example on staircases or handrails for indirect and background lighting or as an eye catcher on the roof or on a garden shed. You name it.
Likewise, this waterproof LED stripe can also be used at your workstation or in construction machines or lorry’s loading docks.
Sloan Flexiprint 12V
Like all of our flexible LED stripes the IP68 version mounts smoothly and straightforward due to its double-sided M3 glue.
This IP68 Flex stripe is available in 12V and 24V operating voltage.
According to your application you can choose a suitable white:
Warm white      2600-2800°K (+10% due to Silicone cover)
Warm white      2900-3100°K (+10% due to Silicone cover)
Natural white    4000-5000°K (+10% due to Silicone cover)
Cold white          5900-6700°K (+10% due to Silicone cover)
Please note that these LED stripes are waterproof up to 1m depth. But do not have UV protection nor are they resistant to saltwater nor chlorine. The wire and connectors meets IP65 protection.
This flexible stripe is coming as a 5m reel. Due to its width of 10mm it can be assembled into quite narrow applications.

Flexiprint size

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